How to make a Glass or Glass Window in Minecraft

When you build your houses, mansions, or shelters in Minecraft, you need different materials and elements, such as glass or glass windows.

If you want to know how to make a glass window in Minecraft, in this tutorial we will explain step by step how to do it and the necessary materials.

How to make a glass or glass window in Minecraft

How to make glass

The crystal is one of the Minecraft items that are easy to get, the main thing is to gather blocks of sand, it can be normal or red and they fulfill the same function. In addition, coal or some fuel must be collected to melt the sand in the furnace. The process for making glass is as follows:

Enter the oven menu by right-clicking on this object.
Place the sand in the upper box, the fuel such as coal should go in the lower one.
Remove the crystal cube that will be obtained in the box on the right side.

Note: each block of sand will turn into a glass block at a ratio of 1 to 1, while a piece of coal will give enough fuel to melt 7 or 8 blocks.

How to make windows

To place windows in a building, the glass must be obtained in the preferred form, it may well be in blocks or glass panels. When building the structure, it will be necessary to leave the space that corresponds to the window and , later (when the walls are ready), places the glass in this designated place for the entry of light. The material can be transparent, but it can also be tinted to make it color.

Note: the ” Chisel ” is a commonly used MOD in Minecraft and can be applied to windows to give a better aesthetic finish, it is especially useful if on glass panels.

Create glass panels

Glass panels are almost entirely transparent objects, which are used as an alternative to glass blocks when making windows, thanks to their more stylized and smooth texture. For its elaboration, it will be necessary to carry out the procedure shown below:

  • Enter the workbench menu using the right click.
  • Place 6 glass blocks in the middle and bottom row.
  • Remove the 16 glass panels that will be obtained in the processing box.

This method is preferred by many users as it is considered to be brighter and more visually appealing. In addition, it has other uses such as being an entrance for underwater bases, by placing 2×2 glass panels, and having space for a player to enter, but not water or lava.

Manufacture tinted glass

Glass or tinted glass is a way to create unique windows in Minecraft structures, it even changes the color of the light that passes through it. To tint a block or panel it is necessary to carry out the following steps:

  1. Gather the dye and the glass blocks or panes whose color you want to change, and enter the artboard menu using the right mouse button.
  2. Place the dye in the center (this can be the color you prefer) and around the 8 glass blocks or panels.
  3. Remove the stained glass from the processed item box on the right.

There is great versatility when making a window in Minecraft, they can be small and cover the space of a single block or large windows. Once the manufacture of block glass has been learned, panels can be made and tinted or left transparent, it all depends on the creativity of the player.

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