What Is Affiliate Marketing


With the advent of the Internet, new marketing formats are emerging with the aim of expanding channels and channels to attract consumer attention. This is where Affiliate marketing emerges as an exciting alternative for those who want to work through online marketing.

In addition, it can also be a great tool for manufacturers of goods or services who want to increase the promotion of their products or services online.

If you do not yet know the term “Affiliate Marketing” or want to know if you are missing out on using this strategy, take a look at this article!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Combined Marketing works as follows: The organization promotes the product of an entrepreneur/company for the purpose of obtaining a sales commission or individual action.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Although it looks new, this business model emerged in the 90s, when Amazon, an American shopping mall, began making the service available to those who wanted to advertise in-store products.

  • Affiliates marketing make their websites, blogs, and social networks profitable through third-party product marketing, without having to have a good idea or job creation.
  • Manufacturers acquire various distribution channels and thus gain more customers and as a result, make more sales.
  • And with customers, they have more product search channels and make a more robust purchase decision.

Types Of Promotion For Affiliate Marketing

  • Cost Per Click [CPC]
  • Cost Per Action [CPA]
  • Cost Per Thousand Impressions [CPM]
  • Cost Per Sale [CPV]

Channels That Can Be Used To Promote A Product

  • Website Or Blog
  • Google Ads
  • Social Networks
  • E-mail Marketing

Step By Step To Be An Affiliate

  • Select the best affiliate program
  • Select the best products to promote
  • Teach your audience the virtues of your product
  • Works paid to advertise

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