Photocat: best free online photo editing tool


Using internet services is most common these days, people like to use it and they are comfortable with doing things online. Coming onto editing pictures, lots of options are available online. These image editor tools are able to edit your image in the system browser, you don’t even need to install any application, these tools are easily applicable and simple to use, you simply need to upload the desired image and select the option and click, there you go with your freshly edited and enhanced image. All these editing tools come with the basic features such as cropping, resizing, or adding text to your image.

Photocat: best free online photo editing tool

Currently, there are literally hundreds of photo editing tools available on the internet. Although most of them are paid tools and the rest which lets you use it for free doesn’t provide many features. As per the concern, Photocat is a very versatile, useful, and flash-based application, that has numerous features, which allows users to edit photos online and let you add different effects for free of cost. You don’t even have to install any application, it can be easily used as an alternative to different windows tools.

As mentioned above, Photocat has a number of features available, users can easily edit, add frames, create collages, and retouch the photos. The best thing about Photocat is that it has a friendly user interface, it is really simple and easy to use, anyone with basic editing knowledge can use it without facing any problems.

Simple user interface

It has a simple user interface with every feature separated into different tabs as per the categories. Each category has different features that can be used for photo editing easily by the users. Thus it is really straightforward and simple to use, any user can use it without any confusion, as it does not require advanced photo editing knowledge.

Here is the guide to how to use Photocat software, just launch the Photocat software, go to the Photocat’s homepage, upload the images you want to edit, tap on the desired feature, and select what you want to do like photo editing, creating a collage or retouching them.

You can do whatever you desire like cropping the image, adjusting brightness, changing contrasting settings, hue, saturation or resizing it, and much more. It has over twenty different effects which you can simply add on your desired image, just clicking on the effects tab, will display all the categories grouped into , art, portrait and many more effects.

Photocat also has a wide range of frames from textured to classical, which you can easily apply on desired photographs without any complications. It also has an option where you can add text to your image, it has a vast range of bubbles and fonts which are good to go with your classic images. The retouching option includes blurry vision, removing red-eye, color splash, and much more. Thus, it’s the best free photo editing tool that has numerous features and is very easy to use. If you have a basic idea of editing, photocat is the best tool you opt for, it is a worthy tool you can bookmark.

Best free editing tool

Photocat is a great editing tool which is totally free and super simple to use. It is a tool for retouching pictures, editing images, making photo collages, applying filters and effects, adding text, frames, bubbles and much more. It is one of the greatest free editing tools. Despite the fact that the tool’s name is associated with cats, it allows great transformation of the images, it allows animation and it even allows the editing of motionless objects, it even edits baleen-striped images. This photo editor tool has the truly best functionality by which one can edit portraits in the easiest way.

This free tool works in almost every browser, it is the set of various features which are able to meet every basic needs of adjustment of colors, editing, adjusting brightness, editing, resizing, cropping, tilting and resizing of photographs etc. This app even allows you to make collaboration of your photographs, add text, add graphics and many other photo effects to photographic works. If you like to process aesthetic or artistic pictures photocat can be the best app for you, as their are numbers of features available, you can experiment with more than twenty five amazing effects like ennoble, retro mood and many more interesting filters, it even let you to use effects like pastel, drawing or charcoal effects.

Numerous features available

Photocat provides users with a number of features like you can cancel the whole editing process at the last action during editing images, you can return to the real image without cancellation of the editing or you can compare the original and edited pictures, repeat again or return to the original picture at any time. This tool enables you to edit your photographs with various image editing options. After editing through this tool you can directly share the edited pictures on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Through this tool you can get an amazing picture editing experience, without much time-consuming. From amateur to professionals, from snap to share, photocat is described as an all-in-one tool for photo editing.

It’s time to say goodbye to boring pictures and non – photogenic faces, this image editor has it all. Although there are various alternative editing tools available for platforms such as Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, and web-based/online, photocat can be considered as one of the most accessible tools as it is free of cost and numbers of features are available, and you don’t even need to install any other application.

Here are some pros and cons of photocat editing tool:-


Friendly user interface

  • It has a friendly user interface, as compared to other tools.

Great features

  • It supports a number of features such as hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, crop, rotate, for free.

Numerous effects

  • There are more than enough effects available.


Not applicable on mobile phones

  • It is not applicable on mobile phones, so you can only use it on computers.

Support 2 output formats

  • This website supports only two output formats.

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