How To Bitcoin Transactions Work?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that is used to buy products and services like any other currency. However, it does not have an authority that is responsible for its issuance and records its movements. Unlike currencies, it consists of a cryptographic key that is associated with a virtual wallet that deducts and receives payments.

How do Bitcoin transactions work

What are Bitcoin transactions?

Bitcoin transactions are shipments that are made with the currency between several people who use the network. However, these transactions are nothing more than records kept within the Bitcoin information flow. For this purpose, programmed and digitally signed messages are used through blockchain technology, known as the information chain.

How does a Bitcoin transaction work?

To carry out such transactions, it is necessary for a user to operate with the cryptocurrency through the use of a purse or wallet. It is the tool that is used to be able to manage the capital and, in this way, receive and send the cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin transactions: A simple and Secure Structure

These Bitcoin transactions have a basic structure with inputs and outputs, but with a very particular objective: to ensure that the exchange is secure. At all times, this data goes through a cryptographic process of hashing and asymmetric cryptography that certify that the information can be adequately secured and validated.

In Bitcoin, the process that makes all this possible is handled by Bitcoin scripting, a powerful programming language that allows the Bitcoin network to have great potential.

To make a transaction for Bitcoin, the issuer must have access to both the public addresses and private keys associated with those cryptocurrencies. In short, they are nothing more than a random set of numbers and letters without an exact pattern. And, specifically, the private key is what makes it possible for us to sign and send a transaction as owners of Bitcoins.

Why is Bitcoin a good alternative?

On the other hand, it should be noted that the public address works like an email address or a bank account number, where the transaction can be made or received. The keys and advantages of trading with Bitcoin are the following:


Normally, carrying out a transaction through the traditional financial system requires hours or even days for its approval or denial. Through Bitcoin, this process is much faster, simpler, and cheaper, since it does not require intermediaries to process and approve said operations.

Its system is based on a network of interconnected nodes that validate the encrypted information in the transactions, which makes the process much faster, safer, and more reliable.


Once a transaction has been made in Bitcoin and it has been added to the Blockchain technology, it is practically impossible for it to be reversed or modified. Also, after making the transaction, cancellations or refunds are not available in this system. This is a great advantage in various areas of economics and finance.


As previously explained, Bitcoin transactions are made using public addresses and private keys. Private keys provide the right to spend Bitcoins, while public addresses allow you to send or receive transactions without the risk of theft or fraud.

Cheaper commissions

The fees or commissions paid for a transaction to be processed are truly low, compared to the percentages requested by banks or other traditional systems. In a transaction with cryptocurrencies, regardless of the amount sent, its cost is much less. This is because the commissions are not calculated based on the category of the transaction, but rather on the size of the transaction.

In conclusion, Bitcoin transactions allow you to send and receive said cryptocurrency safely and quickly, thanks to the use of Blockchain technology and encrypted information.

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