Does Cryptocurrency Have a Future?


Cryptocurrency is the trending investment in the current financial market and this is also the market where you can acquire short-term profits through buying and selling your shares, this helps you to see cryptocurrency as a better option in te\rms of the profession and a good investment site with better returns. This truth about cryptocurrency makes people aware and this ensures good trends about the cryptocurrency future.

Current trend

According to certain analysts the global cryptocurrency market will more than triple by the year 2030, with its total value in approximation nearly 5 billion dollars, The immediate and reaching highest peaks of cryptography make us trust and this positive trust through emotions makes the rise in tides in respect to cryptocurrency and their rise. This is more evident in recent markets where many people view this market as their hobby, profession, mode of investment, etc. Many people love to plot graphs and charts along with the resistance. These graphs fascinate people to formulate and there are many patterns such as flag patterns, etc. There is also an increased introduction of coins in the cryptocurrency market and this check over profit has become the new pavilion for people to gain assets.

According to recent statistics,47 percent of the consumers living in the United States of America would love to purchase their day-to-day needs and online purchases through their cryptocurrency. Compared to 2018, many older residents of the United States of America have seen to invest in bitcoin at an increasing rate, people over 35 years make up nearly 47 percent of the group of individuals who invest in cryptocurrency in the forthcoming 3 month period. The main advantage of using cryptocurrency is that it gives you financial freedom and offers a better option to handle your finances. This has given you the choice to liberate yourself from the clenched traditional banking practices and to lead to a brighter cryptocurrency future.

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The Paradox Of Recent Market

In recent days as it is the better option to invest many organizations and banks invest in this blockchain for higher returns, leading to higher investment and higher legitimation this can be viewed from the recent activities such as US Bank’s involvement in the creation of bitcoin custody services this involves the government and other organizations involvement making bitcoin also as a traditional model in days to come. This is seen as a paradox in the financial world and this confuses a change in the source of power in the cryptocurrency market and cryptocurrency future.

Earlier days

13 years ago, there were no particular regulatory requirements for cryptocurrency and the proliferation of the market was noticed by a few individuals who see this market as a way to connect with the Financial market and purchase products online easily. To earn and invest in crypto, you just need a computer or mobile phone with a good Internet connection rather than traditional banks who demand documents and other proof involving tiresome processes. Crypto involves easy authentication steps through the internet and many service providers such as Binance, coin market, etc. This makes the work less tiresome and more effective. There is also a proper online ledger that collects information and can secure the transactions with proper prior history and proof.

Before 2021, bitcoin had a different field and the future was at a different stake. Previously only companies that had immense power and internet connection were glorious in mining the bitcoins. This made individual enthusiastic people who were interested in mining stay aside and in recent days there has been increased involvement of individual enthusiasts in mining. Massive investments play a great role in the system. They make huge changes in the graph and they decide the fate of the cryptocurrency in the future. For example, Tesla made a massive investment that made a 20 percent single-day rise in bitcoin and this is the reason we comment that cryptocurrency is ruled by corporate markets.

Regulation held by the government

For years, the government has not even laid an eye over the regulations of bitcoin, and now many governments are coming forward in expressing their views regarding the usage of bitcoin and their usage. These regulations affect the investors and they seek what type of regulations are organized and who organizes such regulations. This affects the peer-to-peer interface present in the cryptocurrency which was the main point of discussion that attracted the users to bitcoin and their proper transactions. Another group of investors put forth that regulations should be installed and this makes bitcoin more legitimate and efficient. This might add value to the digital currency and its usage. These investors state that this mode helps in reducing crime rates involving cryptocurrency in the future.

The future of cryptocurrency completely lies on the balance between the legitimate usage of cryptocurrency under rules and regulations laid by the government and their loss of peculiarity through regulations that make crypto similar to the traditional banks. Many wishes to have a midpoint where moderate regulations are necessary in making this successful and to conserve the uniqueness pertained to bitcoin in the financial world. This allows companies to handle regulations of cryptocurrency and many make rules about their currency. This is also not favorable to individual investors as they fail to trust these companies and their regulations. They fear losses and this emotional situation causes cryptocurrency’s future to face a downtrend on some days.

Conclusion: Handle with care

  • Crypto is more volatile and this volatile nature in the market makes people see more profit and investment. This might also result in greater losses. Many people have taken loans just to invest in bitcoin and they have faced losses. Always remember cryptocurrency is a double-edged sword, especially in the short term, it gives you higher profits and higher returns but can also misfire resulting in greater losses. Always be careful in investments in the short term. Long-term investments are more sure and accurate and I suggest this long-term investment as the best way to invest your money. Even in the short term, use low leverage for returns with assurance and safety. Higher leverage causes increased volatility.


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