Best Free Movie Download Sites


We all like to watch movies. However, going to the cinema every time a new movie is released can burn a hole in our wallets. However, nowadays, anything and everything is accessible on the internet. 

Movie download sites are always entertaining to watch all over the globe; it is one of the best forms of entertainment for people over the last few decades. There was a time when you had to purchase CDs or DVDs to see movies. Nowadays, most people choose to view movies online or download them on their smartphones. 

Every day, dozens of new movies and television shows are released in various genres. No one wants to get left behind in watching movies and web series. The problem with watching newly released movies is that the membership charge for most websites is just out of this world. This is where websites offering the best free movie download sites come into existence. Many individuals, particularly filmmakers, have saved a lot of money thanks to these websites.

Best Free Movie Download Sites

The best part about these websites is that various best free movie download sites do not need users to join or subscribe.

These websites are completely legal and therefore are updated regularly. These websites are unique, and the movies can be downloaded within hours after release.

If you like watching movies and would like to download new and favorite movies, this article is the best spot for you. 

This article will inform you about many of the best free movie download websites that can be used to download complete movies online for free. Instead of using premium download sites, we urge you to read this article to the conclusion. We have highlighted some of the best free movie download sites. You can download all movies without any registration.

What Are Movie Download Sites?

As even the name suggests, movie download sites are websites that allow users to download movies. There was only a handful of them accessible before, but now there are dozens of these kinds of sites on the internet. 

Every major streaming site enables you to download movies, episodes, and episodes for online streaming, but they can be expensive.

Suppose you don’t prefer paying money for downloading and entertainment services. In that case, you may want to try using a free movie download website.  We’ve compiled a list of the best free movie download sites and included them on this list.

Does Free Movie Download Sites Safe?

Every website available on the internet is completely safe since hackers are constantly attempting to access websites to collect personal and financial information from their customers. That is absolutely out of people’s control. Still, as users, we can consider the amount of security you browse.

Do not engage when a website that asks for financial or personal information does not seem to be secure, do not engage. You can always visit other websites as a backup. 

To keep you secure from such sites, we investigated and listed all of the sites featured on this page so you can use them without fear.

Here is the list of best free movie download sites:-


Avimobilemovies is one of the best free movie download sites in all major formats.

This format enables your videos to be viewed either on an Android smartphone or a windows pc.

The movies can also be downloaded for free, even those movies you would usually watch in a theater—the movies featured on the website cover all film industries from Hollywood to Bollywood, as well as cartoons and WWE. It has everything you need, with a movie count in the millions.


FilmyWAP is also one of the best free movie download sites and services that allows you to watch movies and free television episodes online. 

FilmyWAP has numerous popular movies and television series available for free on other sites. Since independent developers developed the website FilmyWAP, most of the stuff is handpicked. However, users can download movies in various video formats based on their requirements.

The structure of FilmyWAP is straightforward, and if you want to build your playlist, you should first register on this website. So because videos are available for free, this website supports other services by displaying advertising from time – to – time. You can quickly download movies and series from this website if you have a download manager installed on your device.


Movies root is also one of the best free movie download sites. You can also download and watch numerous new movies from this site. 

Since this website is new, you won’t find many old movies here, but you will find plenty of new ones that you can download in your preferred format.

The cloud storage employed here is also relatively quick. You can download a movie or series from a variety of platforms. You may also join our website’s Telegram channel, in which you will continue to get news about the upcoming movie. You can watch movies here based on your mood. 

All of the films are categorized. You can also download TV episodes and online series from this site.

There is something unique about this website in that you will not see any advertisements before downloading the movie. This saves you time and allows you to download your movie as quickly as possible.

This website is not well-known among moviegoers, but its review reveals that it deserves a spot on this list of best free movie download sites.

Its title alone indicates that the site is geared for portable devices such as Android phones and tablets, making your website experience simple and easy.

Another appealing aspect of this website is that the movies are accessible in various formats, varying from HD to Mp4 to WebRip.

This offers the movie to viewers in various sizes, allowing you to download according to your preferences while keeping your data balance in mind.


Housemovie is one of the best free movie download sites. This website is typically preferred when you want to watch a movie but don’t know which one to watch.

You will also have access to the relevant reviews, many previous user downloads, movie ratings, and much more.

Visit the website to learn about the various best movies from Hollywood and Bollywood, and other great movies. You can either stream it on-site or download it to your device to watch later.


Hdmovieshub is also one of the best free movie download sites on this list. Here, you will get a wide range of new and old movies. 

You can quickly find all of the most recent Hollywood and Bollywood movies here. When you download movies from this website, you will be presented with several downloading platforms. You can quickly download your movies at a breakneck pace.

All of the movies on this website are in full HD and are available for free download. There are several problems with this website; before actually downloading the movie, you are given one or two advertisements; only then will you download your movie.

To download movies from this website, you also can use Google Drive, which allows you to download the movie quickly. You can also watch web series and TV programs here.


This website is a free movie download sites service that provides movies in huge, high-quality files.

It is just for users with large amounts of data since there are no movies that are less than 800MB in size.

The size of movies here may reach up to 2GB each movie, which is a significant issue for many.

Despite this, the website also offers ratings, user reviews, and other features to ensure that all 

data is not wasted on a movie that will not entertain you.

It’s naturally annoying to download a movie of such a large size to know that it doesn’t interest you.

As a result, all movies on this page have ratings, genres, and other information about them. 


This movie download site will provide all the movies you want to watch. Reviews, comments, number of downloads, duration, category, and so on are all available.

Movies are also accessible in various formats, and there is something for everyone who comes to our website in search of a movie download.

Aside from movies, the service also provides access to top series, TV programs, and reality TV shows.

However, the website is mainly dedicated to Bollywood movies, and you may also get popular Hollywood movies of exceptional quality.

You can easily find recent, classic, and famous movies on this website. A visit there will impress you.

This website is indeed one of the best free movie download sites.


Whatever movie you want, whether it’s Chinese, Korean, Filipino, American, or Indian, Hdmp4mania1 has all types of movies.

The range of movies available on this website distinguishes it as one of the best free movie download sites.

Despite being designed for mobile devices, the website also features a desktop version for your PC.

Aside from being suited for both desktop and Mobile devices, you can also download movies in the format of your preference. These formats provide a different level of movie quality and, more significantly, a distinct file size.


9xMovies is also one of the best free movie download sites. Even though most of the 9xMovies users use this website for online movie streaming, you can also download nearly anything from this website if you use 3rd party downloaders like Internet Download Manager. 

There are hundreds of movies, shows, and episodes accessible on 9xMovies, making it an ideal destination for movie buffs.

You can simply explore the website, but this website is prohibited in other countries. Don’t worry, you can always have a VPN or one of the many 9xMovies mirror sites accessible on the internet to get unblocked. 

We have provided a link to an accessible 9xMovies website above. Because 9xMovies is ad-supported, you may encounter some advertisements while browsing the site.

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The listings on our list of the best free movie download sites are highly rated in terms of service quality, the number of users, the movie library, and the regularity of updates.

You can rely on almost all of the websites on our list as all the websites mentioned above provide you with all the most recent movies, as well as iconic and old ones, depending on your preferences.

You can go through each website on our list until you locate the one which best meets your entertainment requirements.

If you want to watch movies, you can easily watch movies by selecting any website mentioned above. You can watch new updated movies online for free. In great visual and sound quality, that too is at your leisure, anytime and anywhere you want.

These best free movie download sites have made the source of entertainment portable and convenient, allowing you to watch the recent as well as your favorite old movies without waiting for them to be broadcast on your DTH provider.

If you find this article helpful, you can also share the article with your friends on your various social media sites to keep them updated.


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